Around the world freedom of expression has declined

Free, pluralistic, and diverse media landscapes enable media to be critical of public and private powers, which, in turn, help people remain informed and engaged in society.

Eine aktuelle Studie der britischen Organisation Article 19 zeigt, dass sich die Pressefreiheit in über der Hälfte aller Länder in einer Krise befindet. Nach einem Bericht von Press Gazette hat sich diese Entwicklung 2020 noch verschärft, da Falschinformationen online und offline um sich greifen.

"Attempts to silence communicators and media outlets with invasive surveillance, vexatious lawsuits and judicial harassment, are growing.  Corporations are some of the biggest abusers of such tactics.

And governments routinely misuse narratives of ‘national security’ to silence dissent. Just as many are using the pandemic as an excuse to avoid being held accountable."


Press Gazette: UK ministers' refusal to be quizzed by media cited in report on worsening global press freedom

Article 19: Around the world freedom of expression has declined